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The Legend and History of Gideon and His Mighty Men Comes to Life in Epic Tale


U.S. Army Combat Soldier and Levite Provides a Unique View of the Old Testament Story

Houston, Texas (January 27, 2020) – “Gideon: The Sound and the Glory” is a must-read, available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Gideon of the Bible is an unlikely hero. Some say he was spiritually, emotionally, and mentally weak — the least likely to be called upon by God for his impossible mission to defend Israel against the Midianites. But, the record shows a legendary feat of heroism that frees his people from utter destruction in the vein of Gladiator, Braveheart and 300 at Thermopylae.

Even this very day our Constitution hangs by a hair.  Mighty men of valor must rise up and trust in God and act against those who would consume our very freedoms, liken unto the ravenous Midianite horde in the Jezreel Valley.

Ganci - Gideon Media Cover

“We often hear of David vs. Goliath that has reverberated with an impossible act of courage by a teen against and formidable warrior and opponent,” says Joseph Ganci, Vietnam Veteran, “Gideon’s story is equally compelling; however, it deserves a closer review as there is more to the story than people realize.”

A professional brief on the story from Author Joseph Ganci:

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This historically and Biblically accurate account of Gideon and his 300 mighty men will inspire and entertain you.  Gideon’s story is about leadership, preparation, politics, romance, strategy, tactics, courage, faith, and deception.  Few have garnered the connection between Gideon and Jacob known as Israel.  Also, Gideon as the temporal warrior and a similitude of the Messiah as the spiritual warrior.

In our time, Gideon:  The Sound and the Glory reveals for thought-leaders and those seeking to understand how men and civilizations encounter their destinies. This book has also to do with the times we are living when front-line leaders seem overwhelmed by their own demons and life’s current formidable missions and callings.

“I have taken great care to piece the Old Testament which was derived from the Torah under my Jewish heritage, to reveal how this story written about in Judges links to Isaiah and ultimately back to King David of Israel, and my sequel novels,” says Mr. Ganci.

Joseph Ganci is planning to speak at synagogues, churches, businesses, or professional organizations to teach and share learned secrets of prevailing against overwhelming odds and becoming a mighty man of valor.

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About Joseph Ganci, Author and Speaker

Joseph Ganci 3 CroppedJoseph made his arrival at Beth-Israel Hospital, or ‘The House of God’ found in Brooklyn. Joseph is a firstborn, and so, is dedicated to God by the laws of Zion. He is the son of a Joseph and a loving mother named Rosemary. He is a Levite and a high priest and remains a passionate Italian. Joseph accepted the call from Lyndon B. Johnson and was ordered to report for combat in the Vietnam conflict. Man-to-man combat is where he had experienced a baptism by fire and had been chastened by the struggle. The G.I. Bill provided him with a seat at the coveted Honor Society’s banquet table of higher education. Joseph lives alone in the Lone Star state. Joseph fathered five daughters, three of whom are still alive. He has five grandchildren that are the gems found in an old man’s crown. The Bible to him is like reading the Daily News as it is vivid and alive and provides deep wells of knowledge and practical applications of simple understandings. Moreover, this is where the grist from this novel finds common ground through his endless rounds of scripture study. For the laborer is worthy of his hire and the eyes of his understanding have been opened by a loving God. Lest we forget, a thousand years hence – the anthropologists will conclude that our society communed with an all-knowing oracle named Google.

Media Contact:  Andy Valadez
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