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Texas “Barefoot Defender” Stephen Willeford YouTube Channel Launches

Issue’s statement regarding court ruling against the Air Force for Sutherland Springs shooting

Sutherland Springs, Texas (July 12, 2021) – Texan, Stephen Willeford, is recognized as “The Good Guy With a Gun” or “Barefoot Defender” is known as the first citizen responder at the First Baptist mass shooting in Sutherland Springs in 2017 where 26 church goers were killed and 23 others were injured, and where he engaged the shooter directly with his own AR15, hitting the culprit 6 times before the arrival of the police. Mr. Willeford opted to not participate in the lawsuits that ensued to remain a voice of reason with leaders grappling with the issue of gun violence in America, with a focus on protecting gun rights of law-abiding citizens.

Willeford recently launched his YouTube Channel “Barefoot Defender” to resonate his message.

Daniel Contreras “The Hungry Hunter” with Mr. Willeford discussing the ruling on YouTube

The complete interview with Stephen by Daniel Contreras “The Hungry Hunter” on the ruling:

Mr. Stephen Willeford’s Official Statement Below:

“On July 7, a US District judge found the United States Air Force 60% responsible in the shooting that took place in my community. This is an incredibly important decision. Many do not understand the details surrounding what happened that day: the gunman, whose name is not worth mentioning, had committed multiple felonies in his past- ranging, from family violence and domestic abuse to animal cruelty. After a stint in prison, a stay at a mental institution, and a dishonorable discharge from the military, this madman was able to enter a store and purchase a firearm. The instant background check system did not flag him, because the United States Air Force failed to report his radicalism and violence properly.

I am relieved that the judge made the right decision. I can only pray that the government stops appealing this process and delaying vital relief to families in our community that are suffering the aftermath of that terrible day. Men and women are permanently disabled and burdened with insurmountable medical bills. The responsibility for this day rests heavily on government failure. Yes, the gunman was at fault. But he could have been stopped from purchasing a firearm. Please call your representatives and urge them to settle.”

Stephen Willeford is available to speak at your church, company, or event, to tell his story, and talk about church safety and preparedness. Please visit: for more information.”


Media Contact: Andy Valadez        
Direct: 713.560.3348

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