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People of Texas to Call Out the Whitehouse Administration and the Executive Branch of Texas

Sound the Alarm Concerning Open Border Invasion in Texas

Houston, Texas (April 30, 2021) – First major protest of its kind to call for legal action against the Whitehouse Administration and the Executive Branch of Texas. The border crisis is untenable and a hot topic on social media, news services and on the minds of many concerned Americans.  The Whitehouse administration and our Texas governor seem to be pointing the fingers at each other and choose not to stop the onslaught of human flow coming from Latin American countries. Many pundits are extremely concerned for our country.

“We are calling for President Trump to return to his position as President right away per the Insurrection Act. We the People are putting a timeline in place within the next 100 days for the Federal and State government to take action to stop this illegal and unconstitutional activity,” says Community Leader Tex Christopher, Organizer for “Close the Border Save America” rally to be held this Saturday.

Date:  May 1, 2021. Saturday
Location:  Public Sidewalks at Westheimer and Post Oak Blvd. (Galleria District)
Time:  11am to 2pm
“Close the Border Save America” Video:  

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/366587328003109
Hashtag:  #closethebordersaveamerica

Grievance points that are being presented:
White House Administration

1) close the border and put Federal Law back in place 2) give the National Guard full authority to support border states 3) support the Governor of Texas

Texas Executive Branch
1) answer requests of declaration of disaster/emergency in border counties 2) empower the Texas Guard with full authority to defend the border 3) finish the wall with the materials and assets that have been already allocated

“Just today 91 illegals have been apprehended in Houston, the flow of human trafficking is NOW making its way to our metropolitan cities all over the country. Our rural and small towns in South Texas are suffering with an economic burden, they have no resources. Senior citizens houses are being broken into and their cars are getting stolen! Dead bodies are being found on our ranchers’ properties. We the people demand that Governor Abbott declare our state with a State and National Emergency, close the border, with the powers given to him via our Texas Bill of Rights and finish the Wall!” said Bianca Gracia, President and Founder of Latinos for America First.

“The Texas border is a matter of national security concern.  Every Texan and American should examine the policies that are very destructive to our country,” said Jackson County Sheriff AJ “Andy” Louderback.

This event is open to the public and a large crowd from every demographic and leadership on the issue will be present. 


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