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Urban Conservatives of America Organizes Historic Jericho March

Ascertains Largest Black and Minority Lifetaker in the Nation

Houston, Texas (May 6, 2021) – On May 20th, 2010, Planned Parenthood opened the largest abortion facility in the Western hemisphere in Houston, Texas. This 78,000 square-foot facility contributes greatly to the more than 60,000 abortions of the unborn committed in Texas each year.

“Our nation is divided like never before with politicians fomenting anger based on racial division. Meanwhile, abortion continues to wreck our communities and provides an avenue for generational destruction of life and liberty,” says Shawn Scott, Co-founder of Urban Conservatives of America (UCA) a grass roots, faith-based non-profit that seeks to bring a focus to issues affecting all Americans; especially, the urban community.

The organization is gathering Houstonians and others who are concerned about this silent wall of destruction and challenges citizens to reverse planned infanticide in our country. 

A Jericho March is reminiscent of an old testament account, verified in Jewish and Bible history, where the people worshipped around an engineered structure, erected by corrupt governance.

Date: May 15, 2021, Saturday
Activity:  Worship and prayer, and Jericho March 
Time: 8am to 11am
Location: Planned Parenthood Mega-Clinic – 4600 Gulf Freeway, Houston, Texas 77023 (public sidewalks)
Cost:  free to the public
Facebook Event link:
YouTube video:

#jerichomarch #urbanconservatives #plannedinfanticide

The Black populous in America, which sits at about 13.3%, has been stagnant since 1990. Contributing factors to the lack of growth is that 77% of black babies are born out of wedlock, 73% of black homes have absent fathers, 42% of black babies are aborted, and young black men between the ages of 16 and 35 are disproportionately responsible for over 50% of violent crimes, resulting in high incarceration and premature death.

Black culture has drastically changed, moving away from traditionally held values for life, marriage, family, and patriotism, no longer embracing their faith and the God of their forefathers. American history has been rewritten and many in the black community do not understand or value their heritage and birthright as Americans.

UCA is a non-profit organization that is committed to restoring, promoting, and protecting America’s traditional values of God, family, and country in American Urban Communities. We are dedicated to teaching Conservative principles that will help to improve the quality of life for all Americans.

For more information visit:


Media Contact: Shawn Scott
Co-founder of Urban Conservatives of America
Direct: 832-409-2833

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