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The Revelation File News Service Unveils Research Aligning Current Events to the Bible

Houston, Texas [RFN] - (January 10, 2018) - Some have dared to label him a "Technology Prophet." He doesn't like the label, but his track record of seeing the future from a high-tech prophetic perspective is uncanny. Wally Wood has been talking about the future since his high school days in Houston. Since his graduation in 1969, however, his "career" has been focused in the realm of knowing what's coming.

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Episode 3 with “Technology Prophet” Wally Wood – Rise of One World Government and The New World Order

On-going interviews with journalist and technology researcher Wally Wood of Wally Wood Ministries. Airing every 4th Thursday from 1PM to 3PM CST on The Amazing Doc Greene Radio Show. "The New World Academy On-the-Air" with Wally Wood Promo Video Doc Greene and Wally Wood in-studioDoc wants to delve deeper into the new world/one world… Continue reading Episode 3 with “Technology Prophet” Wally Wood – Rise of One World Government and The New World Order

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Is America in Bible Prophecy?

There are numerous teachings on the question: “Is America in Bible prophecy?” Focusing on  Isaiah 18, Wally takes a slightly different course as he introduces his audience to a verse-by-verse multimedia presentation that unfolds some of the mysteries of this chapter. He discloses how these seven verses do not address the nation of Ethiopia (as the vast majority… Continue reading Is America in Bible Prophecy?

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Guest Feature: Chuck Baldwin

Aired on Wed., October 11 at 1:30PM to 2PM CST as we featured Author and Thought-leader Chuck Baldwin to  The Amazing Doc Greene Show.  Tune in at "Broadcasting Live" from 1PM to 3PM CST M-F, nationally. We talked about his book "To Keep or Not to Keep:  Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their… Continue reading Guest Feature: Chuck Baldwin