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“One More Mission” All Vietnam-Era Honor Flight to Land in Washington, DC

Vietnam Vets Prepare to Visit their Vietnam Memorial and Remember the Fallen

Houston, Texas (September 24, 2019) – Twenty-eight Vietnam Era Veterans from the Houston area, comprised of U.S. Marines, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Air Force met for the first time at the Lone Star Flight Museum in late August for their safety brief, review of their medical status and needs, sign important emergency documents, and take commemorative photos wearing their Honor Flight issued Vietnam Veteran ball cap.

“I think this trip will impact other Vietnam Veterans who hear about these memorable tours for these heroes and we are looking forward to taking other Vietnam vets who deserve a welcome home that they never received,” says Susan De Boisblanc, Co-Chairman  and Public Relations Director.


Date:  September 28, Saturday – Houston Honor Flight #23
Where: William P. Hobby Airport  7800 Airport Blvd., Houston, Texas 77061 (Google map link)
Time:  Welcome Home reception gathering begins at 6:45 pm  (Delta/Jet Blue Ticketing area)
Reception: The Honor Flight Houston veterans are expected between 7pm and 8pm
Facebook event page:
YouTube Promo Video “One More Mission”:
Honored Flight Houston Vietnam Veterans:
  Bill Callahan; US Army, Donald Williams; US Army – E5, Bill Thompson; US Army – PFC E3, Jerald Vaughn; USMC – CPL, Elias Sanchez; USAF – E5, Sherman Mercer; USMC – E3, Luis Caltzontzint; US Army – SP/5, Jimmy Cabrera; US Navy – E4, Judy Davis; US Army Nurse Corp – 1 LT, Fred Kelly; USMC – SSGT, Juan Trevino; US Army – SGT, Lawrence Grumboski (with you); US Navy – E5, Jerry Smith; US Army – CPT, Harvey Klinegardner; US Navy Seabee EO-E3, Jerry Hardin; US Army-Capt Green Berets, David Ramos; US Army – E-3, Tony Diotalevi; US Army – CW4, Henry Guidry, Jr.; USAF –SMSGT, Gaddis Wooley; USMC – LCP, Bill Ford; USAF – E7, John Martinec; US Army – E5, Harold Foster; USMC – CPL, Leo Gomez; USAF – E3, Joe M. Deason – Army, 1LT, Emilio Moscariello – Navy, A5, William Phillips – Army, E5, and Marvin R. Robinson – Army, Capt., and  Billy Joe Pittman – Army, Sgt 101st Airborne.

The Honor Flight Crew put a lot of thought and planning into each flight and the two-day trip to Washington, DC that will forever change these veterans as they experience first-hand the blessings of a grateful nation.

“I am nervous about going to the wall,” said Gaddis Wooley, a local Marine Veteran who will be honored, “But, I am glad to be going with these fellow veterans and we will all come back together on this mission.”

The itinerary for the trip includes a visit to the National Museum of the Marine Corps, Quantico National Cemetery, the United States Marine Corps Memorial for a group photo, dinner reception by the Knights of Columbus of Falls Church, an early wake-up to attend the changing of the guard at the Arlington National Cemetery, a visit to the World War II Museum, lunch at the Air Force Memorial, and then a return trip to the mall to view the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, the Korean Memorial, and “The Wall.”

A planned Ceremony is scheduled for 2 pm EST at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC on 9/28 (Saturday).  The veterans arrive at the mall at 12:40 pm prior to the ceremony to view the Korean and Vietnam Memorial.

The Houston division has undertaken 22 flights since its founding, with 4 in 2018 touring 41 WWII Veterans, 30 Korean Veterans and 36 Vietnam Veterans.

The Honor Flight Network, since its founding in 2005, has flown or transported over 250,000 veterans to Washington, DC to view their monuments.  In 2018, the program made 377 trips, enabling 21,659 veterans to experience camaraderie with fellow war era veterans and 18,463 assigned guardians and support teams it takes to care for and ensure that these national treasures are treated as such.

To learn more about Honor Flight Houston and to make a contribution, please visit:


Photos of vets Flight #23 Courtesy of Honor Flight Houston:

Contact: Susan De Boisblanc, Honor Flight Houston
Direct:  281.731.5056

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