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Woke Wars: Episode I – The Truth Awakens on YouTube

Where evil abounds, grace abounds all the more

Katy, Texas (May 17, 2021) – You read it here first.  Katy Christian Magazine highlights a fight raging in our nation today with The Wicked Woke Order in a series of spoof videos gaining traction and viewers on-line and readers in the news.

Reporting from an undisclosed location in Houston, Texas, freedom fighters and Joe Truthtalker emerge to bypass the mainstream media and fact checkers with truth, deals with cancel culture, and champions banned voices of the people who love America and good over evil.

“We see our nation imploding right before our very eyes. The mainstream media dictates what points of views are permissible, and which ones are not. We are trying to bring exposure to this issue through short satirical videos. Our videos are satire, but the articles on our website are not,” said Joseph Menslage, Publisher of Katy Christian Magazine located in the Houston, Texas area.

Woke Wars Episode 1:  The Truth Emerges Featuring Joe Truthtalker

Katy Christian Magazine started and began releasing tongue and cheek witty videos highlighting known conspiracy theories with a twist and has exposed agendas and scandals Americans want answered, like voter fraud and civil unrest, the mysterious history and emergence of the Joe Biden presidency, the secret elite military force – Dog Face Pony Soldiers, the real agenda behind the Green New Deal, and Covid-19 and the big push to vaccinate to make our blood delicious and nutritious.

Katy Christian Magazine YouTube Channel (to get the inside scoop):

The videos can also be found on other social media like Rumble, TikTok, and Instagram.

Fake news?  You decide.

Find newsworthy articles and more at:  www.KatyChristianMagazine.Com


Media Contact: Andy Valadez
Direct: 713.560.3348

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