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Olmos Park Facebook Livestream with Doc Greene (over 63K views and 1.6K shares)

The Amazing Doc Greene was on-location in Olmos Park,  Texas to cover and participate in the Forced Education Rally along with over 540 of our rowdy rebel patriots!


Child Human Trafficking Victims Are Not Treated Equally By CPS

For child protective services to become involved with the case, the perpetrator of sexual abuse needs to be responsible for the care and have legal custody of the child. Yes, you heard me correctly, CPS only investigates and/or intervenes, if the parents, legal guardians are in possession of the child. Which means, if you Report… Continue reading Child Human Trafficking Victims Are Not Treated Equally By CPS



NAME: JANECKA, JOSHUA Janecka has been charged with five counts of possession of child pornography and one count of possession with intent to promote child pornography, according to the post and Harris County Sheriff’s Office online records. Constable Herman’s online post says his office’s “Criminal Investigations Division received information from the National Center for Missing… Continue reading ***ARRESTED*** CHILD PORNOGRAPHY DAYTON ISD MUSIC TEACHER