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Texas “Barefoot Defender” Stephen Willeford Attends Gun Bills Signing at the Alamo

Issues statement to encourage future governors to restrain overreach

Sutherland Springs, Texas (June 21, 2021) – Texas Governor Greg Abbott organized a history making press conference at the Alamo on Thursday, hosting gun rights activists, legislators, and key backers of gun rights that set Texas as a leader in restoring and protecting the 2nd Amendment from further infringement.

Texas joins 20 other states with the signing of HB 1927 aka “permitless carry” or “Constitutional Carry” and 6 other bills which makes Texas a gun sanctuary state, pushing back on Federal enforcement on many new gun laws, suppressor (“silencer”) freedom for those made in the state, “holster choice”, homeowners associations and landlord prohibitions, retailer and manufacturer protections during declared disasters, and other restorations. Some argue these bills do not go far enough and a complete revision of the Texas Constitution is required to ensure Texans rights are completely restored.

Stephen Willeford at gun bill signing at the Alamo

Texan, Stephen Willeford, is recognized as “The Good Guy With a Gun” or “Barefoot Defender” is known as the first citizen responder at the First Baptist mass shooting in Sutherland Springs in 2017 where 26 church goers were killed and 23 others were injured, and where he engaged the shooter directly with his own AR15, hitting the culprit 6 times before the arrival of the police.

Mr. Stephen Willeford’s Official Statement Below:

“On Thursday, I had the privilege to witness history. At the Alamo, a symbol of Texan Freedom, Governor Greg Abbott signed into law several bills restoring law abiding Texans constitutional rights.  Let me be clear – Abbott restored our rights to us – rights that were outlined under the second amendment and enshrined into law, that the federal and state government has been slowly chipping away at and restricting for decades now.

Among the bills he signed was a right to Constitutional Carry, declaring Texas a second amendment sanctuary state, and removing restrictions on things like holsters.  These bills take big and important steps forward for Texas citizens ability to exercise their God-given constitutional rights. I am grateful to the Texas house and senate, all the various advocates, and Governor Abbott for making this possible. May God bless Texas, and may we continue moving forward to protect our people form further government overreach!”

Mr. Willeford also attended a Saturday event on June 19th in Crandall, Texas where the Kaufman County Republican Party presented the William Madison McDonald Vision Award to LtCol Allen West, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

LtCol Allen West with grandchild and Stephen Willeford

Stephen Willeford is available to speak at your church, company, or event, to tell his story, and talk about church safety and preparedness. Please visit: for more information.

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