Updated News Tip: Tex Christopher v. Rhea Lawson – a lawsuit to enjoin the Library from sponsoring Drag Queen Story Time


Tex Christopher v. Rhea Lawson (you are getting a front row seat on this issue).

3.17.19 Tex Christopher at City Hall for a live update:

Texas Attorney General Orders Release of City Documents in Drag Queen Storytime Case
Registered Child Sex Predator Reading to Kids at Houston Library Discovered

This Case has now been appealed to the 5th District Appellate (January 2019) with a planned hearing this summer.

Predator Story Time?

On Newsweek!


The actual FOIA Request <extensive list of requests> (documents supplied by the city are currently being reviewed by Tex’s legal team).

Tex Christopher calls out the mayor and city council members for their epic failure to protect children in Houston:

3.15.19 – Major News Break in Houston exposes sex predator has been allowed to read to children at Houston Public Library. The plot thickens.  

Isiah Carey Fox 26 – Houston, Texas:

KHOU Story:

Houston Public Library admits registered child sex offender read to kids in Drag Queen Storytime

A media spokesperson for the library confirmed one of those drag queens, Tatiana Mala Nina, is Alberto Garza, a 32-year-old child sex offender.

3.14.19 – Texas Attorney General forces city to release documents to Tex Christopher concerning city support of religion in the form of Human Secularism linked to the LGBTQ Agenda.

Is this really about literacy or pushing an agenda?  Tex Christopher Television interview: Challenges Drag Queen to “Man Up” (click link).

At issue the power of the state to silence free speech by pushing human secularism and silencing dissenting voices. This is a constitutional crisis issue that will demonstrate, under the review of a 3-panel of Appellate Judges, that many citizens have been harmed by a system that emerged to protect a belief system backed by the power of the state.

One example:

The Amazing Doc Greene gets falsely trespassed and arrested (temporarily detained) and media blitzed by the left for not doing anything illegal.  Now, the patriots and Americans are concerned about the tyranny at the door that continued to protect deviancy funded by the city.  Doc comments below on the status of events:

Drag Queen Story Hour on Trial Appellate
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Action:  Ask your Pastor to support this effort. As shepherd of the flock, they need to study this case and then come out from behind the pulpit and lead by example.

Our Christian brothers went to the lion dens of Rome and we just need a few mighty men of God to show up at a library wherever Drag Queen Story Hour is being promoted at public expense.”

Reclaim the rainbow appellate

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Tex Christopher Address the Houston City Council and Mayor Sylvester Turner

Four Texas PlaintiffsTex Christopher, Christopher Sevier, Esq., Tracy Shannon, and Alvin Miller

Despite what has been erroneously reported, this case is very much alive and is not anti-gay. It is a formidable case based in law and the U.S. Constitution that will ultimately be litigated to the Supreme Court.


This is a simple case about whether the Houston Public Library’s conduct has violated the First Amendment Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution.

The Library’s decision to host, sponsor, promote, and endorse the Drag Queen Story Hour is also illegal under Tex. Penal Code § 43.24 (SALE, DISTRIBUTION, OR DISPLAY OF HARMFUL MATERIAL TO MINORS).

On October 16, 2018, the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana temporarily enjoined the Lafayette Public Library from sponsoring or hosting the Drag Queen Story Hour at a hearing. See Guidry v. Elberson, 6:18-cv-01232-RRS-PJH (W.D. L.A. 2018). FOR THE DURATION OF LITIGATION.

The Plaintiffs are all non-observers of the religion of Secular Humanism and are
Christ Followers. The Plaintiffs believe that LGBTQ ideology is immoral, obscene, and subversive to human flourishing and that LGBTQ ideology is inseparably linked to the religion of Secular Humanism.

While the Library has converted the children’s library into a Sunday school for the church of Secular Humanism in the effort to sexually groom and prosthelytize minors for the benefit of the cult referred to as the Democrat party, the Library regularly denies Christian groups – including ones that the Plaintiffs are part of – to have Christian related events, even in designated public forums.

While Drag Queens are not ladies, they are priests of Secular Humanism who are part of an greater church who are on the great commission to use the government to help them recruit and indoctrinate minors to their sexually exploitative religion which is so implausible and irrational that it cannot stand on its own without the government’s endorsement.

Fox 26 News Report with Isiah Carey:

The Drag Queen Story Hour event seeks to seduce minors into cultivating sympathy for or opening the door to adopting the LGBTQ lifestyle through sexually suggestive innuendo embodied in tangible works of art designed to entice children into to subscribing to a worldview on sexuality that “bucks common sense,” erodes community standards of decency, is categorically “sexual immoral” under Tex. Penal Code § 43.24, remains subversive to human flourishing, and is inconsistent with the human design.

Instead of having the cross, the 10 commandments, the star and crecent, the LGBTQ church has the gay pride rainbow colored flag and other religious imagery that represents a worldview that is implicitly religious.

There were many citizens in Texas who are outraged that the Library has hosted and that it continues to host this sham event that has nothing to do with tolerance, diversity, and literacy, but everything to do with sexual grooming and indoctrination with the governments stamp of approval of religious worldview.

The Plaintiffs have filed in this case sworn testimonies from ex-gays, medical professionals, persecuted Christians,and licensed ministers all of whom have testified under oath that there is no evidence of a gay gene, that the idea that sexual orientation is predicated on immutability is not proven, and that “sexual orientation” is a mythology, a dogma, and a doctrine that is inseparably linked to the religion of Secular Humanism, i.e. postmodern western individualistic moral relativism.

Tex Christopher vs. Rhea Lawson/Mayor Sylvester Turner

Special Forces of Liberty
Chris Savier Esq. Defacti Attorney Generals
Direct: (615) 500-4411

Montrose Freed Libary Press Conference and Tip of the Spear Rally – 10.27.18 (Houston, Texas). 

10.26.18 Update (.pdf download):

Order Civil Action Review

Judge Rosenthal Order (.pdf download)

The original complaint for your research and review (click image or download the .pdf):

The Docket
Texas WAR ON Drag Original complaint (click link to download)

The Texas Memorandum United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas Houston Divsion (click image or download .pdf link)

Texas Memorandum

Texas memorandum Texas (.pdf download link)

Press releases:

Texas Drag War Continues and Erroneous Reporting and Rulings Challenged
Stay in 5th District is in effect for the duration of litigation – Drag Queen Story Hour

Texas Drag War – Houston Library sued for proselytizing religion of Secular Humanism to minors
Judge Rules to Stay Drag Queen Story Time in Lafayette Until Litigation is Resolved

Media Coverage:


Conservative Firing Line

Supporting Background Information:

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer


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