MISSING ALERT_(Alexandria Lowitzer)

Alexandria Joy Lowitzer- Missing since April 26, 2010

Exactly two years ago, on Sep 11 2015 Alexandria Lowitzer’s mother posted a post on Facebook. Year after year, day after day, Joann Lowitzers spends most her time searching for Ali, or begging and pleading with the public and police to help find her daughter. No mother should ever ever have to do that… think about your children and realize that your daughter could go missing just as easily/fast as Joann’s daughter did. Please help us Share this post and keep Ali’s face and story out there.

"One warm spring day in a small town in Texas there was a teenager named Alexandria. Her friends and family called her Ali. She call her mom from school on April 26th of 2010, expressing how much she wanted to pick up her pay from her new job at The Burger Barn. Her mom reminded her that Grandma was not going to be at her house to take her on this day because of a previous engagement. Ali, being the typical teen, ask her mom if she could walk and pick it up and hopefully work a few hours. Her mom told her no, maybe her grandma could take her the next day. After begging her mom she reluctantly gave in telling her to walk straight there and text her to let her know what time to pick her up. Ali was very excited because she had never gotten walk to work before.
Ali got off her school bus, stood on the corner for a few seconds to text a friend to make plans for later. She turned to walk out of the neighborhood and was never seen or heard from again.
There have been many rumors as to what happened to Ali. There have been hundreds and tips and hundreds of searches and still nothing has brought her family any closer to finding her than day one.
Her family begged everyone for help to find Ali. Law enforcement was reluctant because Ali had just turned 16. They tried to convince Ali’s family that she ran away. Her family knew better. Who knows their own child better than her family and friends?… Ali left her purse on her bedroom floor with her money still in it. Left her makeup on her bathroom sink. And her cell phone charger was still plugged in behind her bed. Everything was left exactly as she left it, just waiting for her to come back.
Ali had so much to look forward to. Softball tournaments had just started, she was the catcher on her team. She loved it. She was getting her braces off in a few weeks and going to take drivers education that summer. She was offered by her teacher to take an art class at a college in another state during summer.
5 years later her family still gets tips from others out there still keeping an eye out. All the girls so far have been lookalikes. There have even been some saying they can tell her family where Ali’s body is if they give them money. Her family has worked very hard and raised a $25,000 reward for anyone that leads them to her. No matter the state in which she is in. It is not ethical to tell a family of missing child you want money before you give up any information to find them. I believe that is called extortion. And it’s illegal. A felony maybe? No family of a missing person should ever have to go through not knowing where their child is. So for someone to dangle information in your face for money is just downright torture and her family and friends will NOT stand for it.
Most importantly, her family is always open to any and all tips the public is willing to offer. And if your information does in fact lead to finding Alexandria Joy Lowitzer, now 21 years old, you WILL get the reward money.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers and your continued HOPE support.
We will never give up. We will never stop looking."

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