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Houston Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert Prepared to Help Families

Pressure to liquidate assets or negotiate equity disputes can be resolved amicably

Houston, Texas (April 26, 2021) The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts reports that 70 percent of divorces will include real estate. According to a recent Divorce Real Estate Bulletin published by The Ilumni Institute, there are five trends to watch in 2021 which include the state of equity, work from home trends, the rise in Generation X and Millennials driving home sales, migration within America, and a generally healthy real estate market for the rest of the year as reported by the National Association of Realtors®.

“Couples divorce for a variety of reasons and with real estate where value is involved, it creates an opportunity for strife,” says Carlene Johnson, a Houston based Realtor® and Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert, “I served the Harris County family court system for over 8 years and had the opportunity to work with many family law attorneys and judges, I have seen families and couples hurt emotionally and financially by the lack of guidance my certification can provide. I am motivated to help people whose back seems to be up against a wall and things seem hopeless.”

Livestream Interview with CJ of CJ’ (4.16.21)

The benefits of involving a CDRE are neutral, unbiased representation, effective communication protocols, reduction of legal fees when resolution is the goal, minimizing chaos and misunderstanding, and expert witness qualifications.  The rare certification requires over 50 hours of study and on-line continuing education with resources and reports that are available to the practitioner and her clientele.

Recent radio interview with CJ provides more details on the issues of divorce and real estate:

Radio Interview with Doc Greene on (audio only)

Basic guidance for divorcing couples:  stay off of social media, don’t sign anything without first consulting your attorney, don’t stay married to the mortgage, protect your credit, and gather important facts about the property(s).

A CDRE Expert can provide complimentary services to aid in the court decrees and providing valuable information and documents to both parties in a divorce case and can work with other Realtors to assist them with client needs and providing educational training seminars before encountering divorcing couples. Finally, couples contemplating divorce can privately schedule a consultation to assess their own real property situation prior to going through with the divorce.

For more information on CJ’Services, please visit:


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