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Technological Advances and Governance Aligns with Biblical Future

Prophetic News Service Informs Audiences of the Current Times Foretold

Houston, Texas [RFN] – (December 7, 2020) – The Revelation File News Service has been quietly adding to its media platform, from the early days as a national subscription news service by mail to its quarterly news forums before live audiences at Houston’s Encourager Church, to garnering the attention of an online radio show, plus its own YouTube channel via the global Kingdom Broadcasting Network [].

Wally Wood has been reporting on world news, global trends and mainstream technology since 1972. He has been educating thought-leaders, decision-makers and the general public on the emerging establishment of a global governance system as foretold in the Bible, especially in Revelation 13, which Wood calls “the most technologically advanced chapter in the Bible.”

Wood feels the manifestation of Covid-19 has only made this point more dramatic as he warns that the foretold changes are now upon us. “The call for a ‘Great Reset’ that has gone forth from the World Economic Forum because of Covid-19 demonstrates how close we are to the full establishment of the ‘New World Order’ in this generation as prophesied in scripture,” Wood says.

On November 14, Wood was honored at the 13th Annual Dinner for KBN with the Broadcaster of the Year Award for his weekly program, “The Revelation File Report.”

In his short acceptance of the award, Wood noted: “Since 1980, this ministry has been dedicated to focusing on the global trends and ‘signs of the times’ that herald the fulfillment of end-time Bible prophecy. As a news analyst, my career as a reporter, broadcaster, author, and bureau chief has always centered on these developments. It is with deep gratitude that the Lord would grant me this honor through the Kingdom Broadcasting Network. It is a milestone in my life for which I give all glory and credit to the Lord Himself. I never saw this coming.”

All half-hour episodes of ‘The Revelation File Report’ can be viewed on its YouTube channel:

The Revelation File is known for unfurling the Flag of Earth and Pledge of Allegiance to the Constitution of the Federation of Earth at Encourager Church in Houston in 2018 as real evidence that globalism is fast approaching the nations of the world.

The video of the unfurling may be seen here on

(9:05 minutes)

For more information visit: or        

About The Revelation File: 
The Revelation File began as a daily radio news commentary over the Sonlight Radio Network from 1980 to 1984 and, in 1985, over KSBJ in Houston, as part of the Christian News Network that Wally Wood had started at the time. The “RevFile” eventually became a nationwide subscription news service to subscribers in the 1990s and is now online at, on Facebook and Twitter.  The Revelation File is now featured across America on The Right Side of the Mic with Doc Greene and the Kingdom Broadcasting Network. For speaking engagements or scheduling The Revelation File News Forum for your church or organization, contact Andy Valadez at (713)560-3348 or by email —

Wally Wood, Editor-in-Chief for the Revelation File News Service and
host of the Revelation File News Forum


Wally Wood Biography

A native of Houston, Texas, Wally Wood’s predominant career path since graduating from Houston’s Lee High School in 1969 has been an intriguing mix between the retail industry, media interests and ministry. He has over 50 years of experience in retail (since the age of 12) and over 40 years in journalism as a writer, reporter, broadcaster, author, and publisher. Retrospectively, the two careers have been ideal in positioning him to be the futuristic journalist that he is today as one who has observed first-hand the evolution of a totally re-designed world. He is also an ordained minister specializing in Bible prophecy and world trends.

Following is a chronological overview of Wally’s premiere accomplishments:

Websites and Social Pages:

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