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Modern Day Jonah Has an Urgent Message for the Christian Church

Organizes a Dynamic Get Out the Vote Message for America 

Austin, Texas (October 26, 2020) – Christian Prayer Warrior and Intercessor Johnny Rice, otherwise known as the “Trumpeter for Trump” by the Secret Service for his frequent blowing of the rams horn known as a Shofar in front of the Whitehouse, Lincoln Memorial, Trump Towers, various Trump Rallies, Texas State Capitol, Austin Police Station to pray for the Police and pray for BLM-ANTIFA to receive Jesus.

Johnny could be heard praying “Jesus Christ Life Matters”; “All Lives Matter”; “Black Babies Lives Matter”, “Jesus Loves You & Died For You”; & “The only Color that matters is the Red Blood of Jesus.” Now, he has been sounding the alarm and praying for leaders in high and low places across America.

He recently began calling on churches in key states and urges others to do the same. His model is simple and his message has resonated, getting him to share a “Shofar Prophetic Prayer for President Trump & for America to have a Holy Spirit Jesus Revival” featured on The Cross TV recently.

Video tutorial:

(YouTube 4:46 min.)

He urges fellow believers to call local churches via www.churchfinder.com and start phone banking independently to leave voice messages to awaken Pastors to warn their church, that they cannot be a true Christian church and vote for Democrat policies.

The key issues for Christians are abortion and the First Amendment (Freedom of Religion/Assembly, Speech, Press, and right to petition our Government for grievances). 

“I have a unique calling and gifting to pray for people and plead with them to get in alignment with God’s plan for their life,” says Johnny who has now moved to Austin, Texas for his next assignment.  “In Washington, DC you have the elite media, legislature leaders, groups who come to the city to protest and rally, and I have enjoyed being kind of peculiar in a crazy town. My shofar has set me apart and opened up opportunities to minister to these people and declare a blessing over their lives.”

The Shofar is primarily used in Jewish customs for special occasions.  However, many Christians believe they have been grafted into the heritage via the Tribe of Judah from which Yeshua/Jesus was a part.  Gentiles believe that the Shofar has spiritual power too and that it should be blown more often and especially during these days.

Many of his prophetic warnings deal with abortion, the pandemic that has ushered in tyranny in many states, avoiding mandatory vaccines, dealing with human trafficking and those who run it, and the state and corporate controlled media that twists the truth and has been proven time and again to be deceptive and wrong when reporting on President Trump.

Call the Prayer Line & we will be blessed to Share A Shofar Prayer for your Total Blessings and Victory! Minister Johnny Rice Prayer Line 240.241.2724  and visit: https://www.facebook.com/PrayerWarriorsForTrump/

Media Contact: Andy Valadez          
E-mail:  Andy@AndyValadez.com
Direct: 713.560.3348

Johnny Rice Biography

Johnny Rice is an End-Time Evangelist and Apostolic Minister who has dire warning for America and the body of Christ. He loves to share the love of Christ with people and blowing the Shofar to usher in a blessing and individual and corporate understanding for our time.  

He believes President Trump was ordained for such a time as this to combat the globalists and deep state who are working tirelessly to bring the world into submission of the coming anti-Christ and one-world government. 

He wants America to avoid civil war in our country, which is a real danger.  “We have to deal with the killing of the unborn, the Covid-19 tyrannical takeover which will usher in the Mark of the Beast that has been prophesied in Revelations, and end perversion referenced in Romans 1.  As a Christians, we cannot support the democratic party, because they advocate for things that go against His warnings for society.”

Shofar Prayer Ministry and other links: 

Get your Jewish Biblical Shofar Prayer Horn when blown Destroys Satan’s demons trying to takeover America. Numbers 10:8,9 and Ephesians 6:12:

Shofar Prayers to Make USA Free Again by the Blood of Jesus John 6:56 Johnny Rice Trumpeter For Trump & Marine Veteran Andy Valadez Texas Veterans for Trump at Constitution Rally!

Johnny Rice Trumpeter for Trump Prays Make Texas & USA Free Again!”

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