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Former Nurse Gathers Volunteers to Provide Food and Support Houstonians

Over 2,000 families in need to be served by over 40 community volunteers

Houston, Texas (August 20, 2020) – The Farms to Families initiative under the Cares Act has enabled community leaders to provide prepared food boxes valued at $50 which feeds a family of 4 with items like potatoes, cantaloupe, red/green apples, carrots, and more to people across America.

Many may recall that farmers were being forced to throw away crops and milk due to the COVID-19 shutdown that disturbed food distribution and forced owners to destroy their products at a critical time.

One Texas State Representative Candidate Martha Fierro has rallied people in her district HD145, which runs along the I-45 Corridor in an area critically underserved.

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“I am a retired nurse and now minister, who has invested in my community, and I realized that I could rally those in my network to make a difference during this time by working with area churches and others who wanted to help families who desperately needed these food items as well as support and encouragement,” said Marth Fierro, “To date, we have provided food, prayer, and our volunteers and companies have provided other resources to reach over 8,000 families in dire need.”

This initiative will be ongoing every week in various locations, with an expected turn-out for this offering with over 2,000 recipients expected.

Date:  Friday, August 21, 2020
Time:  7pm for food recipients/5:30pm for volunteers
Location:  Sterling Banquet Hall – 116 Fairmont Parkway, Pasadena, Texas 77504
* Free masks will be provided to those who attend

A direct message from Martha Fierro for volunteers:

(Video 1:24 min.)

“During this time, there is a great need for many and At His Feet Ministries can never sit by and watch people in distress when we can do the best we can to bring relief,” said Pastor Richard Vega, Outreach Pastor of CT Church Houston (one of the participating area churches).

“This event brings life back into the communities. The prayer and the encouragement ‘Dale Fierro’ means to ‘Keep going!’ This brown box feeds our families and it shows that Martha Fierro is one of us and cares for us,” said Monica Garcia (Houston area recipient).

Volunteer Promo Video:


For more information and to join-in on this effort visit:  www.FierroForTexas.com


Media Contact:  Angel Fierro
Direct:  832.647.0226
E-mail:  FierroForTexas@gmail.com


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