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Official White House Press Pool – Trump Rally Houston

panshotPhoto courtesy of Philip Schrei

Presidential Speech (Courtesy of Space Force News Channel):

Presidential Podium

President Trump

The Amazing Doc Greene Radio Show was granted White House Press Pool media access to the historic Toyota Center Houston Rally.  Over 100,000 tickets sold with approximately 20,000 inside the center and an equal number outside the venue viewing on the Jumbo Trons. There were over 400 media outlets in the press pool.

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Special thanks to Laramore Media Group and SelfDefenseFund.com.



Doc Greene’s Initial Livestreams from Toyota Center:

One Hour Before Speeches

2-Hours Before Kick-off

Andy Valadez (producer live stream from the press pen):

Protester gets ejected (Courtesy of Leland Freeman):

The Press Pen (Courtesy of  Nils Ruona):

The President Departs (Courtesy of Laramore Media Group):

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