NAME: Alexandra Joy Lowitzer (AKA Ali Lowitzer)

Missing since: 04/26/2010
Age: 16
Age Now: 24
Missing From: Spring, TX

-Ali has not been seen since she got off of her Spring ISD school bus in Spring, Tx on April 26th, 2010. For 8 YEARS her parents, family, friends and searchers have desperately been trying to find her.

Despite Ali’s parents desperate cries for help, when she went missing in 2010 she was labeled a "Runaway" by police and became just another name on a file at the Precinct 4 Harris County Constable office. Assuming Ali was just another runaway, no real police investigation was ever conducted. The only evidence found was video surveillance from a gas station, but Law Enforcement lost the tape prior to ever viewing it. Immediately, upon realizing their daughter was missing, the Lowitzer’s started canvassing the neighborhood, posting flyer’s and searching for anyone with information…. But it’s like the bubbly artistic teen just vanished off the face of the Earth. No one seemed to have seen or heard anything that Monday afternoon.

16 year old Ali Lowitzer is what you would consider a homebody. She was a very active teen who was involved in girl scouts, softball and is described by her teachers basically being a great student. Ali had a passion for animals, music and art. Her main focus was centered around her family, dogs and closest friends. She sent over 3000 text messages a month. When Ali went missing she was in the midst of text conversation regarding an Alice and Wonderland themed birthday party she was helping organize for one of her Best Friends. ALI LOWITZER DID NOT RUNAWAY! Someone altered Alexandra Lowitzer’s life and someone knows something. Ali’s case is a prime example why law enforcement throughout this country should do away with the"Runaway" label. Teens all across this country fall victim to the runaway label everyday. Human Traffickers and child predator walk free because their victims are considered a "Runaway" by law enforcement. Our teens are the most vulnerable members of our society and the number one target for Human Trafficking and child predators….. Yet teens receive the least amount of attention. We need to stand up and speak out against the Injustice. Human Trafficking thrives in the United States because we label Children "runaways". Bottom line, A child is either Missing or not missing. With all that being said, please think of Ali before you refer to a missing child as "just a runaway".

IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION REGARDING THE WHEREABOUTS OF ALI PLEASE CALL/TEXT Amber Cammack at 9366487222…. You can also report tips to the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-The-Lost

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Posted by Amber Cammack with Houston’s Voice For The Missing

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