City Drainage System Used For Human and Drug Trafficking.


The next time you think you hear something echoing or coming from under ground, I urge you to listen closely. Kids have reported being ran underground via our city’s drainage system by their captors. No new means of moving people without being seen, but definitely one people seem to have forgotten about. With hate signs, pleas for help, threats to deter folks and it’s own underground map system, there is a world BELOW everyone’s home sweet home, that many have traveled.

Please be alert to things around you. Tracks down to areas that shouldn’t be, late night activity in areas that are closed or dark. Report this activity! I hear many say, "well we reported this numerous times to authorities" .. I urge you to reach out on a neighborhood group or page OR tag and/or message Houston’s Voice For The Missing on Facebook (link posted below).. there’s no such thing as being "too cautious", when it comes to behaviors that don’t seem right. Better safe then sorry. For those with kids, don’t be so quick to disregard what they say.. they may have a hell of an imagination or they may just be telling the truth. For the kids and parents who tell the kids to reach out , thank you all!! For those that instill the trust and are speaking against those who do harm, thank you!

Let me cover "snitching", because I hear it from teens- Sex Trafficking, Rape, Pedophiles they don’t apply to the "stop snitching" street campaign.
You don’t control another human being and you don’t abuse, exploit or take advantage of them. . You don’t RAPE and control another human, EVER. This isn’t a victim less crime, they prey on the weak, on those who won’t fight back or are easily persuaded, those in less fortunate or undesirable situations in life or those who are having some type of family crisis. This is why foster kids are preyed on and we have to stop this!!

What if it was your family member or friend, would you want someone to keep quiet?
#bethevoice for those without one or who are too afraid to speak up.

Below are photos taken inside our City Drainage System in Spring, TX.

#MISSING #HUMANTRAFFICKING #Taken #HoustonsVoiceForTheMissing
Posted by Houston’s Voice For The Missing Margie Teague.

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