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The Amazing Doc Greene Voter Guide Picks


#AmazingDocGreeneShow election choices (Houston, Texas)

As requested here are MY picks the the Republican Primary ballot. early Voting has begun.

Go Early you will like yourself for doing it. Please copy this and print it out, so you can carry it into the voting booth. You may NOT carry your phone into a polling place if it has a camera. If you are licensed to carry a weapon, please stop at the nearest convenience store and buy a banana to put in your holster because unlike more than 40 other states in Texas you do not have the liberty to carry into the polling place

County Chair HCRP Chris Carmona
US Senator: Ted Cruz
US Rep CD 2 David Balat
US Rep CD 6 Danny Nguyen
US Rep CD 7 Edward Ziegler
US Rep CD 14: Randy Weber
US Rep CD 23 Dr. Alma Arredondo Lynch
US Rep CD 29 Jaime Zubilikos Blanco
US Rep CD 32 Paul Brown

Governor: SECEDE Kilgore (personal friend of mine)
Lt. Gov: Dan Patrick

Land Commissioner: Dr. Davey Edwards
Ag Commissioner: Sid Miller
Railroad Commissioner: Weston Martinez
State Rep District 25: Damon Rambo
Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8: Michelle Slaughter
Other Texas races outside my voting area, in no particular order:
US Rep: if it’s an incumbent (except for Gohmert and Weber), I’d vote for the challenger.
State Rep: if they’re not part of the Texas Freedom Caucus, I’d vote for the challenger
5th Court of Appeals, Place 12: Jim Pikl
369th District Court: Frank Doblovolny

Where to vote: 

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