Missing Persons Crisis and National Missing Persons Day

Article written by Amber Cammack with Houston’s Voice For The Missing

Missing persons crisis: Gap in system leaves families to fend for themselves and searching for answers on their own.

When a loved one goes missing, family members contact local police, who create a case file. When human remains are discovered, another case file is created. In most cases law enforcement only acts once a body is discovered. Missing person cases are not a priority to law enforcement and thousands of Americans are suffering because of it.

On April 26, 2010 the world stop turning for one Spring, TX mother, joAnn Lowitzer. Her daughter Alexandra Joy Lowitzer disappeared minute’s after exiting her Spring, TEXAS school bus. Joann has given her life to searching for Ali as well as raising awareness about Human trafficking and the lack of resources for Missing persons cases.

Because of Joann, the State of Texas declare April 26th as "official" Missing Person’s Day. Joann’s fight for Justice is not just for her own daughter, she fight for Justice for all. Awareness is key to helping solving this crisis…

Joann submitted for the National Calendar to officially have a National Missing Persons Day and her submission was chosen. Only 30 submissions are chosen per year! While we where extremely excited to hear Joann’s dream for a National Missing Persons Day is now a reality, we have another huge hurdle, we found out it’s very expensive. The cheapest package is $2999. We need your help to make National Missing Persons Day Official.

We have everything from a "National house wife day" to a "National pizza Day".. Our families are more important than pizza and housewives could vanish at anytime, we need a National Missing Persons Day! Below is a link to a go fund me account set up to help raise funds to make this happen. Please donate!

National Missing Person’s Day is a day we can all benefit from. The awareness will help bring light to this crisis of disappearing people I’m America. God bless you all!

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