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Special Guest: Wally Wood, The Revelation File



Doc Greene Interviews “God’s News Man” Wally Wood for 2-hours.

The interview broadcasts live from 1PM to 3PM CST on “Broadcasting Live”.

Wally has been a “research journalist,” prophecy student, and Bible teacher since 1972.

Wally (jpg)He is editor of The Revelation File online newsletter and has a number of news pages in social media that address the various issues of our changing world.

He speaks to both church audiences and professional business groups with eye-opening multimedia presentations that keep people talking.

Wally has a message that will resonate with those who are aware that the world as we know it is changing faster than we realize, but it has been foretold.

The headlines of today are telling us something.  Find out what that “something” is.

Visit: for more information.

The interview as it happened:


The Revelation File Promo Video:

Wally recently appeared on Remnant Radio to discuss some of his documentation in the mainstream news concerning Bible Prophecy.

Wally on The Remnant Radio Show:

Subscribe and like his YouTube Channel and listen to the first episode here:

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