The Million Dollar Question

Article by Amber Cammack

A Facebook post I wrote one year ago today…

I was contacted by A&E to see if i would be interested in doing a interveiw for some new T.V. series they have coming out. Like many reporters and T.V. producers have in the past, this producer proceeds to ask the million dollar question, "why do you do it, what is your motivation". Most the time I respond with the simple response "God gave me a gift and i plan to use it". I do believe God blessed me with a gift, but Truth is, for a long time i didn’t know what or why i did what i do, or the true motivation behind it all. It is gut wrenching to look into the sad eyes of desperate family’s seeking help finding their loved ones…. and weather the case ends with them bringing their child home in a body bag or alive, the family is forever changed. Truth is, most people see it as a no win situation so they try not to get involved, but they are wrong. Everyone has their own reason and stories behind why they do it. .. but heres my response to the million Dollar question today.

I didn’t make a deal with God, because you can’t make a deal with God. He put me here to talk to families, offer support and help these people hold onto hope. He gave me this "job" which makes it a lot easier to find the truth. Its all him…. but the second biggest motivation behind my work is seeing miracles happen. Being able to witness first hand, families turning such tragic life altering events into something positive is an amazing site to see. The strength these moms and dads have to keep going in their darkest hour, inspire me. Many take for granted the natural unconditional love and loyalty their families have for them. For me, i know what its like to be alone and not have the love and support from family to fall back on. These people help me see what the true meaning of family is. Ultimately, these parents are my heros and the parents i subconsciously wished for as a child. They do for me, as much as i do for them. #HopeForAli #HopeForTheMissing

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