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Article by Bob Rinear,

This past week, my younger son (21) went through the concealed carry weapons class that we teach here in Sarasota.  While already very familiar with weapons, since his dad (me) has been involved with the shooting sports for 50 years, and of course our affiliation with the weapons training company Veritas.

When he got home from the class, I asked him how it went and what he thought of it. He was very impressed with Mike, our head trainer, and said he learned quite a few things that I haven’t been able to teach him (kids don’t let parents teach them).  That’s not terribly unusual, I’m just “dad” and well, Mike is well, you know…Mike. He’s important. Kids!

But the one issue Kyle found interesting was that during one of the breaks, there was a small group of people gathered and they were talking about ammunition and which manufacturer makes the “best” self defense ammo. He said that each person had their own view of what was best and why. No one came to any agreements at all.

So, having heard this very argument about 500 times, I want to tell you my opinion on things. I know from feedback that a tremendous amount of our readers are indeed weapon owners and a very large percentage have a carry license. (Fantastic!)  Thus, if you’ve got a “favorite” carry ammo, let me just toss out what might be a better way of looking at things.

Over the years, ammo has changed quite a bit. Every few years it seems that some manufacturer will come out with what they say is the latest greatest stuff ever designed to stop your adversary? And they’ve done it with powders, bullet design, bullet make-up, hollow-points, spirals, composites, you name it.   But it raises the question… was the science behind their new products really solid?

In the past, (and a whole lot of the here and now) the concept has been to hit something with a lot of lead, and a lot of power, to “stop” the threat. Well there’s problems with that thinking. First off, and maybe most important is this: If your round goes through the person and keeps going, what’s it going to hit behind him? Over penetration is one of the most often overlooked problems we face. No one wants to shoot a bad guy only to have the projectile pass through him and hit the little girl crossing the street behind him.

The typical 9 MM can indeed pass right through a human, and continue on with enough travel and force to kill another human some 100+ feet past him.  So they came up with the idea of the “expanding” bullets. The one’s that hit you and then “open up” so to speak, hoping to stop the over-penetration issue.

For years on end, manufacturers have struggled with this problem. They want something that is very effective at stopping the bad guy, but don’t want the headache and heartache of hitting someone else behind them.

If you could put a ruler right through your chest and out your back, how many inches do you think you’d come up with?  Most don’t realize it but the average human is only 8 – 9 inches “deep”.  So these crazy manufactures showing their bullets traveling through 15 or 18 inches of ballistic gel, while telling you how wonderful their bullets are, are basically saying “your bullets going to go through the bad guy and keep going”.  That’s…. BAD.

Okay, so let’s switch gears. Let’s suppose the military went to a handful of bullet engineers and said “make us the most lethal bullet known to man”. Then let’s also suppose that one of those engineers took a totally different route in how to do that. Well one did.

This guy took the science and turned it on its head. Instead of ever heavier “bullets” with all this penetration, what if the real ticket was to shoot a very light bullet, at extreme velocity, imparting 100% of its energy into soft tissue, and eliminating over penetration? What if by redesigning the bullet shape, it would hit like a mule kick, and splinter into several wound channels, but with less penetration?

So, he built it. In test after test the military decided that indeed this was the ultimate in lethal. It flew straighter, hit harder, created more damage with less overpenetration. It was safer and simply “better”.

Here’s a snippet out of the Florida Record:

Federal task forces were unsuccessful in creating a bullet that was lethal and lead free, leading the government to solicit help from the public.

PJ Marx, an inventor by trade and firearm aficionado, learned about the government’s request and began research on a new kind of bullet.

Citing the 9/11 attacks as the catalyst for his inspiration, Marx honed in on a design and toward the end of 2004 and met with Army officials. There he presented his plans in hopes of monetizing the product.

During that meeting, Marx alleges he and a military official who was chief of small arms development for the U.S. signed a contract agreeing not to disclose any information covered in the designs. A few months later, the government began manufacturing a new line of allegedly similar ammunition.

So, PJ felt betrayed and sued for breach of contract. At first PJ won his lawsuit against Uncle Sam, getting a 15 million dollar settlement. But in appellate court they reversed the decision saying his patent infringement wasn’t written right.

However, he knew that his science was correct, and he went ahead and created “Liberty ammo – Civil Defense” This is ammo that comes in .380, 9MM, .40 etc, and yes it is based on his original military research. This is the ammo I use.

This stuff goes against the grain. It’s lighter and hotter. It’s shaped differently. And it’s lethal.  It is simply the best tool for the job of “stopping something”.

Now for the “gross” part. So, if you’re squeamish, jump ahead a few paragraphs.  What exactly is “stopping power?”  Well, there’s really only a couple ways to “stop” a human, especially one that’s high on bath salts. One is a direct hit to a central nerve center such as the brain, or upper spinal cord.  That’s a decisive hit, and will stop anyone.

But after that things get funky. Many is the time someone is shot, 4, 5, 8, 11 times and they’re still up and fighting. That’s because a lot of times a hard round bullet simply passes through the person without really imparting that much “energy” (like getting punched) and he can fight on until he loses enough blood to pass out.

So, in an ideal world, your bullet would hit someone with incredible velocity, and then “dump” all that pent up energy right there in the first 4, 5 and 6 inches of penetration. Like a knockout punch. Then as the bullet is expending that energy, it fragments into several pieces, each quickly losing steam, but creating “wound channels”. You can translate that as “blood loss channels”.  Because if the initial shock of the bullet hit doesn’t drop him, you want him to lose blood pressure so quickly, he goes down before doing you any more harm.

People ask me, “Why on earth would you want to carry such a horribly lethal bullet?”  Frankly I wouldn’t. Frankly I pray that in my whole life I never ever have to use my weapon in self defense. But on the other hand, if my life, or my wife’s life is in danger, I have only one thing on my mind. I want to end that threat. Period. As quickly and surely as possible. Liberty Civil Defense does that.

Do I sell Liberty ammo? Nope. Do I get a commission for telling you about it? Nope. I’m simply giving you some information that you can accept or deny on your own accord.

Obviously if you’re carrying any self-defense weapon and have to use it to protect yourself, as I’ve said in the past, you’re going to get sued. Probably criminally first, and the in civil court. I suspect it will even “look” worse if the deceased bad guy’s lawyer finds out you were using such a lethal round. He’ll say you are a killer looking for victims.

This is why along with Civil Defense ammo; I employ the services of  I believe that anyone that owns a weapon that shoots bullets, should sign up with them. If you ever have to defend yourself, and you’re arrested and/or sued, will put up unlimited money to hire good attorneys and expert witnesses, pay your bail, and get your life back together. Oh, did I mention it’s 12.50 a month, or just 150 a year?

Some think that just because they don’t carry their weapons, they don’t need such protection. Some will say they have the “castle doctrine” behind them. Yeah? Well let me tell you something. Even if you win your case because you shot a crackhead that broke into your home at 2 am, wearing a Jason Hockey mask, that was on his way to your daughter’s room…you’ll still be out thousands, probably tens of thousands in legal fees. Forget all that, sign-up for and get peace of mind for 150 bucks a year.

Let me wrap this up by saying this. It isn’t pleasant to talk about wound channels and stopping power. It’s not pleasant talking about having to shoot someone in a self-defense situation. I wish we lived in a world where there was never any use for such a thing. But unfortunately, we don’t live in that world. We live in a world that’s lost its way, and violence and crime is a daily event. I simply want you all protected as best you can be.  Liberty Civil Defense. That’s a perfect start.

NOTE> Many have written us to say thanks for these free letters and have asked if there’s any way to support the effort. I sincerely appreciate that. I have actually created a “donate” button where you could toss us a few bucks if you’d like. It does cost a small fortune to produce the free letter and every little bit does help. Thank you!

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About Bob Rinear

Bob Ranier
Bob Rinear

Bob Rinear started life at the New Jersey shore. Born and raised on the edge of the bay, he spent much of his youth exploring the bays and rivers of coastal New Jersey. After High School, Bob went to Gem City College in Illinois to learn the art of watchmaking, clockmaking, jewelry repair and design, and hand engraving.

After successful completion of he school work, Bob went to work for a local Jeweler, mostly doing jewelry repairs and watch cleaning. A year later, Bob went out on his own and opened his own repair shop, ultimately doing contract Jewelry repairs for some 18 different stores.

It was during this time of buying gold and silver products, that Bob realized that the price of gold constantly changed, often dramatically. What was behind the movement? He didn’t know, but he set out to find out. What he found was intriguing. Political issues, global economics, currency moves, interest rates, etc. all combined to move the price of the precious metals.

With his interest piqued, he began learning about Wall Street, and investing. What he really learned was that what people were being told, is not what was really going on. Wall Street was one big lie after another, and what the financial media was telling people was not how things really worked.

Bob started personally investing in the early 90’s, and became quite good at it. Soon word spread and people wanted to know the secret.

Well there was no secret, there was simply the work of finding out the truth, versus what Wall Street was peddling.

In 1995 Bob began a small private newsletter that circulated amongst a half dozen investment clubs, and as the popularity rose, he decided to “bring it to the masses.”  He developed and founded in October of 1997, offering a free weekly newsletter and a pay-for subscription area for his members.

As Bob became more well known, he was invited onto over 200 radio shows. He was interviewed live on Fox business TV, he was quoted in the Wall Street Journal and in Barrons. He’s talked at 22 seminars covering such topics as options trading, gold and silver miners, short selling etc.  Now, some 20 years later InvestYourself is still growing and Bob’s still writing.

However, one of life’s lessons taught Bob that people didn’t just need help trying to navigate the markets. He became a silent partner in a self defense weapons training company. He’s written dozens of articles about self defense, concealed weapons, handguns, ammunition, and protecting your home.

Leaning on the experience of folks that had military deployments in third world nations, Bob learned a lot about “prepping” for emergencies. Water filtration, food storage, home defense, alternative power, and a host of other useful skills. So on any particular day, Bob’s newsletter might not focus solely on markets, it might be “which carry gun is best for you?” Or, “how to stay cool when the powers out.”

Bob’s guiding statement is simple. Believe in God, always try and do the right thing, help as many as you can, and never stop learning.  He’s been doing that for all of his 60 years.

Bob’s been married to a wonderful gal for some 33 years, and has two boys. He lives in Sarasota Florida, but still keeps a small place on the Jersey shore which he escapes to now and then to meet up with old friends, and chase Striped bass, weakfish and tuna.

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