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Guns, Las Vegas and The Truth

Article by Doc Greene, #AmazingDocGreeneShow

Doc at Brooks BBQ (2)Apparently occasionally funny man and big time Liberal Wack Job Jimmy Kimmel delivered a 10-minute rant demanding that NRA controlled Republicans call for immediate legislative action to ban guns.

Let me remind you, it’s against the law to kill people! That is the most important law we have. The law did not and cannot stop people from doing bad things, it can only give you legal recourse after the fact but I digress.

Kimmel also suggested that our thoughts, prayers and condolences were “insufficient,” and stated that Republicans “should be praying for God to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this country,

Kimmel out right lied when he stated President Donald Trump had signed a law that allowed for mentally ill people to buy guns, and renewed the fallacy and the fantasy of a so-called “gun show loophole” that allows anyone to buy firearms without a background check and even mentioned current potential legislation regarding the deregulation of firearm suppressors, which he referred to as “silencers.” Which is a Health and Safety issue rather than a gun issue, even though Hillary tried to terrorize everyone with the idea that if the Vegas Shooter (or shooters) had had silencers on their weapons it would have been even worse.

The truth is Trump is allowing a rollback of an Obama-era regulation aimed at banning gun possession by Social Security recipients who needed assistance with their finances — not people who had been adjudicated as mentally ill or dangerous, who are in fact still prohibited from possessing firearms under federal law. This law like so many others is not just illegal, in violation of the constitution, but is an egregious infringement on the rights of many who put themselves in deadly danger to protect this nation and its people.

Kimmel was either ignorant (most likely) or lying when he spoke of the “gun show loophole” to avoid background checks. It is, according to the constitution completely legal for two private individuals, to make an agreement to buy, sell, or trade firearms anywhere, including at or near a gun show. This practice  has never been shown to increase crimes.

Kimmel most likely falling for the “Big Lie” being told by lame stream media demonstrated his complete ignorance of the facts. People who buy guns from licensed vendors at a gun show have to undergo a full and often time consuming federal background check the same as a person buying a weapon at a gun shop. If you are as I am, a licensed, FBI background checked gun owner it goes a little faster even though it still takes about 10 minutes to fill out all the forms, but the rules for licensed dealers remain the same regardless of the location in which they are conducting their business.

Now let’s talk about  firearm noise suppressors, which have been misnamed as “silencers” by Hollywood and ill-informed leftists, as they merely suppress the sound of gunfire to a reasonable level, and are nowhere near actually being “silent.” These devices formerly available in the Sears catalog for $2.50 were outlawed for normal people by the National Firearms Act of 1934.  The movies and TV always depict the totally silent weapon, but it’s a lie. Now if you use a 22 caliber revolver with a suppresser at close quarters, in a room with the doors closed, and the “witness is 15 feet away, they may not hear the sound of the hammer falling on the cartridge or the snap of the primer, but it still makes a noise in the excess of 70DB. If the weapon is a semi-auto, then the sound of the hammer, the primer snap, and the slide and the bolt during the ejection process is still over 80 db. Then again unless you are using special ammo that is sub-sonic ammo then you still get the crack of the bullet breaking the sound barrier which is at least 90 db. A “silencer” is more about protecting the user’s ears than about preventing a witness from hearing the show. And finally, this has nothing to do with the shooting in the Las Vegas.

Liberals including their spokes persons on late night TV continue to spread misinformation regarding these three gun-related topics which are completely gobbled up by poorly educated masses with IVY league degrees to prove their ignorance. Truth be told the new gun laws he demands wouldn’t have stopped or diminished the Las Vegas massacre. Furthermore, All the restrictive gun laws currently in place are not only ILLEGAL, they are IMMORAL and have killed way more innocent people than any other set of laws. On the other hand the town of Kennesaw Georgia, perhaps unwittily following the command of the creator of the universe the LORD Jesus AKA the Christ, found in Dr. Luke’s Documentary AD 32 said “If you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one”. At the time of the writing of those words, it was illegal for a citizen to own such a weapon. Only the police and soldiers were permitted to do so. Was Jesus advocating violating Roman law? Yes he was! The laws were illegal and immoral. Every one has a God Given Right to be able to defend themselves.  By the way, Since Kennesaw city fathers passed a law requiring every home owner to be armed,  there has been NO violent crime there.

A sword then as now is a fine weapon for defending oneself from an assailant or an enemy. Even to this day it is a deadly weapon in the hands of a professional and a dangerous device in the hands of an untrained amateur. A fine sword then and now will quickly chop a person off at the waste in a single fell swoop. If Jesus walked this earth today, and had made that command in 1932 AD, he might have said, if you don’t have a gun, sell your coat and buy a 1911 ACP. Guns don’t kill people, People kill people and People who don’t know Jesus as their LORD and master kill lots of people.

From what we know thus far, there is no evidence that the alleged killer or killers had ever been evaluated as mentally ill or even had a criminal past.  Indeed, it appears that he was a generally law-abiding citizen who purchased his firearms legally after successfully undergoing background checks.

And though Kimmel didn’t know that perhaps some of these legal semi-automatic rifles may have been illegally modified or converted to be fully automatic means that those weapons were already in violation of federal law.

Once again another of the millions of ignorant poorly educated but fully indoctrinated liberals make an emotional plea based on lies, hoping to control the lives of a large segment of America that just want to live their lives and exercise a God-given fundamental human right allegedly protected in the Second Amendment.


According to Small Arms Survey, a Geneva-based organization dedicated to generating evidence-based and impartial information regarding small arms and armed violence, the number of violent deaths in the U.S. is not proportionate to the number of citizens that own firearms.

The survey revealed that while the U.S. leads all other nations in gun ownership, the number of firearm homicides is not proportionate to that number. During the last 20 years firearms ownership has doubled in American but murder rates have actually dropped.  This Proves Dr. John Lott’s research true. More Guns – Less Crime. In fact, there are plenty of other countries where the number of homicides greatly outnumbered the amount of people who had guns.

The data revealed that the U.S. saw 8,592 firearm homicides in a five-year average, which resulted in a homicide rate of 2.70-gun homicides per 100,000 people.

That rate put the U.S. at number 59, meaning 58 other countries experienced greater homicide rates.

Honduras topped the chart with a stunning 67 firearm-related homicides per 100,000, which is nearly 25 times higher than the U.S. rate, as the website Pro-Con pointed out.

Those numbers are eye opening  when you consider  how often liberals rage about Americans and our apparent love for guns.

The left’s narrative about U.S. gun violence being  due to our gun policies is a complete lie in the Goebbels tradition. The truth again is Chicago, New York and Washington DC, traditionally have the most restrictive gun laws in America and yet have the highest murder rates. Because when Guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns. Criminals don’t obey the law! They will always have guns. Chicago just last weekend had 32 people shot over 3 days.

Opponents of the Second Amendment are trying desperately to politicize the tragic events in Las Vegas… but one key piece of information has thrown a wrench in their narrative.

Reports from numerous sources agree that the shooter or shooters, possibly as many at 12 who opened fire were using at least some fully automatic weapons to perpetrate these crimes. These weapons are already illegal for most people due to the aforementioned “NFA” of 1934. It was passed by congress allegedly to prevent criminals from getting these weapons. Any violation of the National Firearms Act is punishable by up to ten years in prison. How is that working out for you? Remember its already against the law to murder people.

On the several videos I listened to the sound of automatic weapons clearly heard but because of the echos and locations  it is unclear where it is coming from, leading to confusion about where victims could  safely run, in the chaos. The Taxi Driver Video, and audio clearly demonstrates multiple weapons from different areas separated by more than 1000 feet, based on the speed of sound at 1178 FPS and the volume of the sound recorded. We may never know the truth, but one thing is certain, More laws will not fix the problem, and in the words of one NFL quarterback, “We Need Jesus”  The silence of the pulpit, and the Godless Left who own the media are the real problem. Give us back our God Given Rights, Unleash and un-muzzle our pastors and invite God back into American Government, if you want this craziness to stop.

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