Article by Amber Cammack

A Facebook post from Angie Hamilton, a mother with a Missing son.

"Someone asked me about my son .I said if someone saw him …they wouldn’t forget . He " stuck " out . Tall 6 ft 2 . Beautiful thick hair . A wonderful smile beautiful teeth . A good personality … and this "signature" grin ! The pictures I post are the last three pictures that were taken before Johnathan went missing . This is killing me …I don’t know what happened to my son . The last place that we know he was known to be alive was in Bastrop , Texas . I’m reaching out and will continue to do so , to find out what happened to my son . Yes I wholeheartedly believe something happened …I just am not sure what or even why .If you wonder how or why I feel that way look on the fb page Johnathan Lee Hamilton Missing where I have posted his medical condition just a few days before he went missing . Without treatment the warnings tell the story . Medical records don’t lie …neither does labwork ! There have been numerous "tales" by all involved. This is what has me so very worried and believing that my son is gone . Don’t think for one second that I’m not begging God for some kind of sign or miracle . I do it all day every day for over two years . Someone knows what happened and I suspect that being the reason for all the "tales" . I will not EVER stop looking for Johnathan ."

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