Message From Houstons Voice For The Missing Volunteer Founder, Amber Cammack

Message from houstons voice for the missing founder Amber Cammack.

Rescue workers are still frantically attempting to rescue many more soaked and frightened people in and around the Houston, Texas area. In some places hurricane Harvey floodwaters continued to rise through the night and officials counseled patience, warning that conditions may not improve anytime soon with more rainfall coming our way.

The slow-moving, record-shattering tropical storm Harvey battered our area for days now. Several of our volunteers, including myself have lost everything in this monster storm.

With over 35 confirmed deaths, hundreds of thousands of people under evacuation orders, shelters in Houston area filled to bursting with people who craved some news about the safety of their loved ones and the state of their homes. We refuse to acknowledge or comment on a slander campaign that some have brought to our attention. With all the lives and homes recently lost, and the many others still unaccounted for, we find recent articles timing to be extremely disrespectful for many families struggling and affected by the storm.

For now, here at houstons Voice For The Missing, our focus will continue to be on flood rescue operations and the safety of our volunteers and people in our community. We are asking everyone to send prayers to those who have fallen victim to this monster of a storms floodwaters. Thank for all your cooperation.

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