Updated: Foul play suspected with missing teenager from Katy, Texas

Updated Found: Foul play suspected with missing teenager from Katy, Texas

Police in Harris County, Texas need your help finding missing teenager Tiffany Isabella. Tiffany was last seen in the mid-day of Wednesday, June 21, 2017 in Katy, Texas. This disappearance is out of character for Tiffany. Tiffany was still Categorize as a run away as of 8 am this morning, but after a long battle, now police believe there is foul play involved. Tiffany is described as a white female with long, straight, light brown hair, and 5’5″ tall.

If you have seen Tiffany or have any information about her, please call 911. You can also contact Texas Ranger Daron Parker at 1-281-960-1034 or the Harris County Sheriff’s Department at 1-713-221-6000. Please note; Harris County sheriff’s department has yet to assign a detective to this case, which can take weeks, months and sometimes years(for example Ali Lowitzer has been waiting for SEVEN YEARS). They only have 3 missing person detectives and 5 homicide detectives for all of harris county. We are the second largest sheriff department in the nation and have 16k children go missing a yr, needless to say, you may have a hard time gettimg a hold of someone so i recommend you call the ranger Daron Parker or National Center For Missing and Exploited Children at 1800-the-lost first. HCSO number for tips rings to the main dispatch line. if you can get through to the missing persons department, they will transfer you to a voicemail…. please leave a message. Also note that Harris County sheriff’s department missing persons detectives only work m-f 8am-4 p.m. if you have any trouble trying to get someone to take your tip, please call Houston’s Voice For The Missing at 9366487222 and we can help get your information and/or tip to the correct person.

If you have a second, share this link to social media as a public post, tag as many friends as you can, and use the hashtag #findTiffanyIsabella #HopeForTheMissing to help the Facebook trend this alert. You never know. You might just help save a life. I have personally seen a flyer and social media post save a life. Tiffany’s missing post on Houstons voice For The Missing’s has already being shared several hundred times, lets keep her face out there. Thank each and every on of you who help us fight the good fight!!

Image of the missing person:

Tiffany Isabella

Unique mark of the missing person:
Race: white Hair: long, straight, shoulder length brown

City/state last seen:
Katy, Texas, United States

Date missing person was last seen:
June 21, 2017

Police department that is investigating:
Texas Ranger Daron Parker or the Harris County Sheriff’s Department

Police contact number:
1-281-960-1034 or 1-713-221-6000


2 thoughts on “Updated: Foul play suspected with missing teenager from Katy, Texas”

  1. It’s a shame one of the largest cities in Texas doesn’t have enough manpower to help find this young lady. EVERY TEEN this day and time should be listed as missing until further PROVEN otherwise.
    Pray this young lady is found and brought home safe.


    1. Katy is outside the jurisdiction of the Houston PD. It appears from the story that Tiffany Isabella lives outside the city of Katy in unincorporated Harris County. Ask your representative on the Harris County Commisioner’s Court why they don’t provide a budget for the HC Sheriff’s Office that allows the sheriff to hire more missing persons detectives. All that said, I hope Tiffany is found quickly. This is a most terrible situation for all involved.


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