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Human Trafficking and Missing teens in Spring,TX

Article by Amber Cammack

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Missing from spring, TX Jessica Baker

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Missing From Spring, TX Venus Tram since 2014
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Edwards, Jadyn
Missing From Spring TX
Age: 16

Ali Lowitzer was a 16 year old girl that got off of the school bus in front of her house at approximately 2:55 P.M on April 26, 2010, never to be seen nor heard from again. I have worked this case day and night, obsessively, since 2013, and have made incredible strides in finding clues as to what exactly happened to Ali on that day. In that geographical area, in a Northern Houston suburb called “Spring, Texas”, Missing, trafficked, and exploited children are an EPIDEMIC, and are being purposely swept under the rug and kept secret. The local police treat all missing children between the ages 12-17 as runaways, unless someone witnessed a kidnapping or there is obvious signs of foul play. Harris County constables pct 4 and sheriff’s department both have a long history of losing Evidence and over the years, the evidence in tons of missing persons cases have seemed to just vanish. For Example, in Ali Lowitzer’s case Harris County Pct 4 lost a video surveillance tape that most likely would have shown the person responsible for Ali’s disappearances. This tape could have brought her home but responding deputies ignore Ali’s mothers cries and treated Ali like a runaway, the evidence was poorly handle and lost not long after the deputy collected it. If you look into the 1989 disappearance of Lorraine Light’s, you will find that her case was strangely handled in the same manner Ali’s was. All evidence was also lost in her case too.

In the past 3 years, I have worked DOZENS of cases involving missing teenagers, females and males, all of whom lived around the spring area, most attended either Spring High School (where Ali attended) or Klein High School, that have gone missing, and were subsequently never found, found dead, or found in a trafficking ring. I was blown away after discovering this twisted underground world of Heroin, prostitution and the sale of these young teenagers in the nice little suburban area of spring.

The largest hurdle that I face in working these cases is one that is surprising. Law Enforcement. Both the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and Harris county pct. 4 constables, who’s jurisdiction these cases fall under, are so grossly inadequately staffed, that even in a case such as Ali’s that has garnered so much INTERNATIONAL attention, there is still NO DETECTIVE ACTIVELY WORKING HER CASE at the Sheriff’s Office!!! Tips are not taken over the telephone, and the website that received a sizable government grant, has gone without update and report a link is broke. Our pleas to the Sheriff’s and pct. 4 Constables office for assistance, and to locate lost evidence (on Ali’s case in particular) fall upon deaf ears at both departments. I have been extremely vocal, BEGGING the Sheriff’s and pct 4 constables Office (even spoke to sheriff Hickman and Sheriff Ed Gonzales directly } to do SOMETHING, yet nothing has been done. In Ali’s case, or any other case.

There is one particular motel that is nearby Spring High School, that I have hours upon hours of surveillance on, with video showing the human and drug traffic that is RAMPANT in the area. This is the particular motel where most of the trafficked girls from this area start their journey into this underworld. When a girl goes missing, this is the one of the FIRST places that I go to look, and in 7 out of 10 cases, the missing subject was either found at this location, or was confirmed to have been there recently, but had been moved since. I use the word “moved”, because these girls are treated like trading cards. I have become INTIMATELY familiar with the process in this area, which I will try to briefly outline below, yet Law Enforcement continues to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop, prevent, eradicate, or even educate the populous of the evils of what is transpiring in our own back yard.

It begins innocently enough, and can happen to ANYONE’S daughter. There are individuals called “Groomers”. They can be male or female, typically the groomer is another child but a groomer can be virtually anyone who introduces a child to the human trafficker, or their first pimp. They dress, talk, and act like regular high school aged boys and girls, yet are far from it. They integrate into the social circles of the schools, in this particular case, Spring High School, and they become accepted. They show up at parties, and become known as the guys that can “score alcohol”, bringing beer and other alcoholic beverages to the parties, thereby sealing their acceptance with the high school crowd. Once they are well known, popular, and liked, they begin to provide the soft drugs, such as marijuana and Ecstasy to the high school’s social circles, and they begin to pick out the girls that they are going to “invite to parties”. Those that they choose are usually fully trusting of the groomer. Once the “Groomer” gets his claws into the victim, and parties with her a few times, he/she begins the evil process of entering her into the world of drugs and sex trafficking by introducing her to an older dealer, or pimp.

The bigger dealer starts this process with giving the girl drugs then telling the victim she or he owes a dept. Usually, its around this point the child goes missing. Usually very soon into the game is when the Groomer then forcibly injects Heroin or other hard drugs into the victim. She will then begin a 2-3 week journey in and out of consciousness, and will be used as a prostitute throughout that time. this is consider the breakdown period. The Groomer will keep her fueled with the Heroin, creating an addiction and a dependency. He keeps her high enough to be barely lucid. She will have no sense of time, and will not remember nor care what her own name is. At this point the Groomer is out of the picture, and the girl coming down off of a 2 week forced Heroin binge, they now face a very real addiction, their scared and their every need is dependent on the pimp, resulting in the start of trauma bonding. On top of the force drugs, and threats of harm, during the breakdown period the victims are beat, gang raped and tested for weeks, sometimes months. Human Traffickers have various tactics they use to brainwash/torture their victims during the breakdown period. For example, several years back I was working with law enforcement and went undercover in a trap house connected to a national trafficking ring. The house was holding girls of all ages, but the girls where severely beaten if they touch ANY doorknob. THE NUMBER ONE RULE WAS NOT TO TOUCH ANY DOOR NOBS. The girls where required to use the restroom with the door open, and are not allowed to touch the doorknob to close the door. They cannot touch the doorknobs to the closet, or even the drawers. They are forced to improvise or ask the pimps if they want to open or close anything. The punishment for violating this rule is a horrific beating. The reason being, as it creates a sort of learned behavior/brainwashing. A Pavlovian response to the very real notion that they are captive in that room, and are the property of the pimp. Attempting to touch the door to leave results in a severe beating, so at some point, the pimp no longer even feels the need to lock the door to the hotel or apartment where these women are being kept, because they are literally brainwashed to thinking there is no way out and trained to stay inside.

In order to make the girls work off the “debt”, the pimp then begins to take out ads on Craigslist and Backpage, and provides the girls with burner phones. They are given a made up name, and their pictures are altered or outright switched around with stock Flickr photos or the use photos belonging to girls with a similar appearance, so as to prevent some from recognizing the girl. Once the market is adequately worked, and the pimp begins to feel as if the girl has had too much local exposure, the pimp then begins the process of “trading” or “selling” to other pimps. They do this in various ways, sometimes its by word or mouth and other time by taking out cryptic ads in different sections of those pages. For instance, on Craigslist in some markets, the pimp lists his girl in the “Pets for Sale” section, and will describe her as he would a horse. For example “Stout, thick, blonde horse for sale. Loyal, very fast, top earner at the races. $2500 cash.”. This tells the other pimps that he has a young blonde girl with muscular legs, that wont attempt to escape, who has made him lots of money already, but is for sale for $2500. The negotiation begins, and once an agreement is made, the girl is shot up with enough dope to knock her out, and a third party is then called to transport the girl to the new pimp in the new market, which ultimately could be anywhere in the country.

I have a LIBRARY established of VERY SPECIFIC information regarding SEVERAL of the cases i worked. We have license plate numbers, vehicle descriptions, street names, REAL names, phone numbers, and surveillance footage, but we can’t even get our local police to schedule an appointment with us to view this information. It is as if they are LITERALLY DOING NOTHING, and have no intention of doing anything, to stop this heinous act of child trafficking/ forced prostitution! That leaves Houston’s Voice For The Missing to fight this war on two fronts, the frontlines where we have to FIND the girl, and then with Law Enforcement, begging them to do SOMETHING once we’ve found her and try to get the victim specialize help or placement in a safe house! It is a maddening, thankless, perpetual cycle of sorrow and disdain. But I am strong in my faith though, and every child found safe makes up for the heartache. I personally believe God has put these people in my life, and heart and that it is my duty to help and to fight for justice for the missing and abused in spring, TX.

The frustration, the headache, the heartache, the resentment, the struggle… and that is just dealing with the local Police!


the missing persons listed above does not represent the total missing in Spring, TX.

I hope that some of you find this information useful!

We are searching for you.  If you are afraid of the “knob” or can tell us about someone you know in captivity reach out for a friend.  Help us to rescue them.


6 thoughts on “Human Trafficking and Missing teens in Spring,TX”

  1. After reading your account it dawned on me that the disappearance of information sounds like an inside job. Heaven forbid, but there could be an officer involved. Papers and such don’t just disappear. They are stolen to cover up the crime.

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  2. It’s a world wide epidemic. I truly believe the police know what is going on but are turning a blind eye. Those movies like Taken and Hostel are very true. I live in the Spring area and have noticed the prostitution and kidnappings. If the cops can locate a Tom Brady jersey, why can’t they find these children going missing?? It’s too much of a coincidence that evidence gets lost on these cases. Keep up the good work!

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  3. Have you tried to work with Spring Happenings? It’s a group of volunteers dedicated to news in the Spring area. I bet they would jump on a chance to help as much as they can!

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  4. If Harris County Sheriffs are not doing anything about this then go to the FBI with your evidence and research. Human Trafficing can be a federal crime especially if they selling women on the internet. Write certified letters to the Governor, Attorney General, Sheriff, District Attorney, all State Representatives and Senators telling them exactly what you are saying on this blog and threaten to go to the media. Some will respond. Based on their response then go to the media! Trust me! That will get somebody’s attention! Then you can determine how deep and wide is the corruption. It should only take about 4-6 weeks from the time they receive the certified letters for that to be determine.

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