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HPD Chief Art Acevedo’s Rainbow colored Cop Car

Article submitted by Amber Cammack, Houston’s Voice for the Missing

This weekend a so-called pride festival and parade is being held near Houston City Hall in downtown Houston, TX. Country singer LeAnn Rimes is one of the gay fest headliners and leading the parade will be a Houston Police Department squad car that Chief Art Acevedo used your hard-earned tax dollars to have customized with “Pride Equality and Peace” decals and a custom rainbow paint job. Yes heard me correctly, HPD has a rainbow painted car and YOU paid for it!! The most appalling part of this is, we have an overwhelming number of missing children in the Houston area and top the charts for human trafficking, but HPD chief Art feels raising awareness for gay people is more important?? How disturbing is that?

For those of you who may not know, Houston, Texas is number one in the U.S.A. for human trafficking(child sex slavery) and has more unsolved missing persons and homicide cases than anywhere else in America. Our children are vanishing, being raped and dying. Child predators lurk on every street corner and sex offenders are not being properly monitored by local police like they should. We have missing persons cases dating back to the 1960s that are still waiting to be assigned to a detective. Although Chief Art Acevedo is aware of this issue, he refuses to acknowledge any issue having to do with crime on our children…. much less raise awareness… but we shouldn’t expect anything less from a political looser like Acevedo. After all, we are talking about a coward who teams up with baby killing hate organizations to host events.

Quick fact: When Acevedo was head of the Austin Police Department, a squad car also had rainbow decals.

This so-called Pride Parade is always led by a few politicians and baby killing organizations such as Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and other public advocacy organizations who radically support abortion, the suppression of equal freedom of speech and religion for all people such as the “HERO” ordinance and other such extreme ideologies. This is not only a case of misuse of law enforcement vehicles, this is violation of equal protection for all citizens by having HPD and HFD vehicles and uniformed personnel marching in the parade. Missing persons cases have never had this sort of attention from HPD.

“To take this abuse of public trust to the next level by decorating an HPD vehicle with the adopted “rainbow” of the LGBTQ movement and their slogan of “Peace, Equality, Pride” posted on the vehicle is an unacceptable violation,” stated HAPC in a Channel 2 article.

According to channel 2 News, In a statement, Houston Police Department Chief Art Acevedo said:

“While I respect their strong held beliefs, the crux of policing and keeping safe our diverse community requires us to work diligently to build bridges of trust with all segments of our city, especially those most vulnerable.

With all that being said, i feel its safe to say HPD Chief Art A ( AKA Chief sitting bullshit) has his priorities all kinds of screwed up… and it’s very obvious that he holds zero value on human life. The most vulnerable members of our society are NOT gay people, the most vulnerable people are the children in our community, the children that Chief Art refuses to protect. Its our jobs as parents and good citizens to protect all the children in our community. We have to stand up against this injustice. Without children there is no future in America. Awareness regarding crime on people should always come first. Supporting a police Chief who spend our tax dollar on Rainbow colored cars is not a wise decision when it comes to protecting the safety of your family. Due to the lack of Law Enforcement in Houston, TX every city in the United States of America is a little less safe.

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