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Missing Toddler Joshua Davis (2011) – Posted 6.22.17

Joshua Davis vanished from his New Braunfels Texas home on February 4 2011. His family believes he is still alive somewhere. At the time of Joshua’s disappearance was only a 18 months old. The photo shown above is an age progression.

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Feb 4 2011, an 18 month old toddler vanished from his New Braunfel home. The child was seen in the home approximately 15 minutes prior to his family calling the police.

At first, authorities said the toddler may have wandered off. But the child’s heartbroken parents say that’s just not the case. In earlier interviews you can see parents, Josh Davis and Sabrina Benitez pleading to the rest of the public for their help.

The parents and 5 other people at the home that night say the front door was shut throughout the evening and suspects Joshua may have been taken out after one of their friends, Aaron Moser, suspiciously left the home that night. After the toddler vanished it took police over 24 hours before they found Aaron Moser, but Joshua Davis Jr was nowhere to be found. Mr. Moser also, immediately lawyered up and invoked his right to remain silent. Despite the fact several neighbors witnessed Mr. Moser speed out of the driveway around the time baby Joshua disappeared, to this day, Aaron Moser has not been formally questioned.

Authorities conducted extensive ground and air searches in and around the child’s home, but came up empty handed. Very soon after baby Joshua went missing, police began publicly pointing fingers at the child’s family. Given no evidence of foul play was found, parents called police immediately, everyone at the home (adult and children) had consistent stories….. except the one adult male name Aaron Moser, who refuses to cooperate with police, you have to ask yourself why was New Braunfels PD so fast to publicly point fingers at the parents?

Around the time Joshua disappeared, several witnesses claimed to have seen Aaron Moser’s vehicle speeding out of the driveway, but when the witnesses tried to report their tip to police, they where turned away. Why hasn’t New Braunfels PD formally taken these statements? Why does it seem the police are protecting Mr. Moser? Is it because he’s a child of a well known/well to do family who’s grandmother works for a very prestigious law firm in the area?

Aaron Moser not only suspiciously left the home, but after the family noticing both him and the baby missing from the home and call him, Aaron responded with “he was trying to follow me out the back door. i put him back inside before i left”.

On top of this, i began looking into Joshua Davis’s disappearance after running across information i felt would be helpful to his investigation. After calling every day for a week and only getting a voicemail, i realized something very wrong. I have yet to receive a call back from New Braunfels police but it has only made me more determined to find out the motive behind them protecting the Moser family. Is it friendship or money and political? To be continued…….

In the mean time, please keep the prayers going for baby Joshua and his family. If you have any information and can’t get threw to police, call the national center for missing children at 1-800-the-lost (1800). Thanks

Link to a Facebook page created by his family;

Videos of Joshua Davis’s family speaking out at various missing persons events:

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