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I am supporting James Dickey for RPT Chair. Please call your SREC REP today to make this happen

I am supporting James Dickey for RPT Chair. Please call your SREC REP today to make this happen. This position is at least as important to Texas as the Governor is.


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Dear Friend,

One of the reasons I am running for Chairman is that I want to ensure we have total transparency with our grassroots Party activists and that they are always told the truth.

Recently, an email was sent from an unknown group with no information about who they are, except that the author was Mike Gibson. In this email, this unknown group uses tactics that purposefully mislead you as to my positions during the 2016 election.

I think it is important for me to personally and directly respond to this misleading email with the best defense possible–the truth.

The truth is:

  • I supported Ted Cruz for President and make no apologies for doing so, as I think Ted Cruz is a solid conservative,
  • As part of my support for Senator Cruz, I ran to become a National Delegate and carry the vote of Texas Republicans to Cleveland,
  • Our Party does not have a nominee until the National Convention votes,
  • Once the Convention did vote and President Trump was the nominee, I supported him wholeheartedly and still do, and
  • I went on television to defend him as nominee and since then as President many times in the most liberal area of the state–Travis County. Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHIOW4-U5M0

Even more proof exists from my election as Travis County Chair last year, when I was asked directly whether I would support President Trump, then our nominee, in the general election:


Here’s a recap of how that very public statement of mine went:

“Dickey… said that, while Trump was not his original candidate and while he had been an advocate at the Republican National Convention for the right of delegates to vote their conscience, he was never a ‘never Trump’ person and felt a party chairman really had to support the whole ticket from top to bottom.”

This is the advantage of always trying to do what is right and not changing based on political winds–the record shows the truth.

The fact that I supported a different candidate in the primary yet wholeheartedly supported the nominee in the general shows you what kind of Chair I will be–one that brings all factions of the Party together and vigorously supports our Republican nominees up and down the ballot.

The fact that I fought for delegates to have their right to vote also shows you what kind of Chair I will be–one that will fight for the voices of those I represent, whether that’s the voices of the delegates at a Convention or the voices of our grassroots Republicans in the Legislature.

I will not back down from promoting our candidates, platform, and values, regardless of the pressure and deceptive tactics our opponents may bring against us. I have been a fighter alongside you in the trenches and I will be a fighter with you as your State Chairman.

As your RPT Chair, I will give you honesty, transparency, a complete commitment to our conservative principles that unite us, and a passion to elect more Republicans throughout Texas.

If you have any questions you would like to ask, simply call me. No need for “fake news”–you can get the truth straight from the source. My number is 512-623-0276.

For the Truth and for Texas,

James Dickey

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