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School District files restraining order against Herrera in attempt to stifle speech on The Ruthie Report

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Combat Veteran Patriot Raymond Herrera

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Thursday, May 11th, 2017 with Guest: RAYMOND HERRERA

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In another attempt to provide cover for illegal aliens in California, and to stop Us from speaking up and being heard, the Ocean View School District, a Huntington Beach-based district filed a retraining-order on April 3 in Orange County Superior Court against Raymond Herrera, a Victorville activist known for his opposition to illegal immigration.

Raymond and Ruthie will discuss it.

The good news however is that a Judge has denied the restraining.

Unbelievable isn’t it……
That groups who aid illegal aliens and illegal aliens themselves – LAW BREAKERS!!!, can protest, rally, and attend City Council meeting screaming and hollering making demands upon We The People saying anything they choose and that is acceptable – but we who are not accepting of their lawlessness, making our voices and demands heard are served with a restraining order………. utter B.S.…/tn-dpt-me-ovsd-statement-20170503-…
Ocean View School District, citing ‘danger,’ sought restraining order against critic; judge says no


‘Ship them back,’ says opponent of Senate immigration bill
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Raymond Herrera
Vietnam war Veteran and Purple Heart recipient – has been fighting illegal immigration since 1980 as a private citizen. Since 2004, Herrera has been at the forefront of the battle for America, the battle against illegal immigration.

A renown political activist, he has appeared on CNN, Fox TV News, major networks and is a leading Hispanic voice for Spanish language media.

Herrera has been a featured guest on International Spanish TV shows, such as The Christina Show, Don Francisco and hundreds of radio shows across the nation. He has appeared as a guest panelist on the topic of illegal immigration at Harvard University, California State University Riverside, and CPAC.

Herrera is well known by congressional leaders in the house and in the senate as a leading voice against illegal immigration. In addition to influence throughout the United States, Herrera is widely known in Mexico, not only among political leaders, but among the people of Mexico. Herrera’s voice is international in scope, as he carries the message forward to stop illegal immigration. Herrera is an advocate who seeks to improve countries such as Mexico – for a better life for the people in the country of Mexico.

Herrera and his organization seek to influence – via activism – institutions of political corruption: President Calderon and the Mexican government, President Obama and the U.S. government – as well as state and municipalities – and the corporations and employers that unlawfully hire and exploit illegal aliens.



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